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Candice Richardson

Candice Richardson is a Partner and the Vice President of Media Relations for The Brave New World Global Entertainment Company. A child of entertainment, Candice’s love of music and film initially guided her to a career of entertainment journalism. After receiving a full academic scholarship to the University of Washington via Costco, she furthered her interest in journalism by joining the Communications Department. She is the two-time recipient of the Seattle Times/Blethen Scholarship Award and in 2005 she graduated from the University of Washington with a BA in Communications with an emphasis in Journalism Studies. While at the UW she interned under Shyan Selah at BNW studying all aspects of entertainment and media including film, music production, publishing, promotions and management, before leaving the Northwest to study abroad in Rome, Italy. Upon her return she maintained a freelance writing career with ColorsNW Magazine, and the Seattle Medium before rejoining BNW full time. In 2007 she became the Director of Media Relations before being promoted to Vice President of Media Relations in 2011; and in 2013 became partner in the company. She currently holds the title of VP while also overseeing the company’s expansion of public relations services and acts a producer for content in development for radio, TV, and film.


B.A. University of Washington

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