Our company motto “BE BRAVE,” means to embrace the very thing that will cause growth; to stretch beyond any comfort zone that is set to eventually cause stagnation. We aim to bring messages to the world in the coolest and most creative of ways integrating technology, innovative trends, music, film and other visual arts with a passion to complete the task. The mission is not to change the world, but it is to deliver products, services, and messages that have real impact.


Brave New World's Public and Media Relations department consists of public relations professionals, journalists, and creative writers to pitch, communicate, monitor and create newsworthy storylines that are not only consistent with today’s mainstream news circuits, but that go beyond the traditional angles. We also specialize in social media and digital branding in addition to radio, television, and print platforms. 

What we Provide

  • Traditional and digital publicity campaigns customized to client and designed to target local, regional, national, and/or international media outlets.
  • Article writing and story placements
  • Press Kit and Electronic Press Kit Creation - includes professional biography, clippings, photos, fact sheet, reviews, etc.
  • Professional Press Release Creation and Distribution
  • Social Media set up, management, and monitoring



  • Website Creation and Digital Brand Management
  • Event Production including music showcases, private parties, grand openings, media days, and more
  • Direct Marketing including e-newsletters, flyers, postcards, and invitations
  • Professional Photography and Videography Services
  • Media Training
  • General Brand/Image Consultation

Our Clients Have Appeared in the Following: