Be Creative, Be You, Be Brave!

Our business was designed in the spirit of traditional Entertainment Companies. Inspired by our many creative and strategic partners such as Disney, Universal, WB and others, our business culture prides itself on developing amazing talent and creating and participating in dynamic projects for music, film, TV, fashion, and technology. With one major exception: We LOVE to develop talent through teaching the Entertainment Industry via Educational platforms that include high impact workshops, training sessions, classes, events and panel lectures. Whether you want to sing or you want to become a film maker or you have the next big idea for Social Media, we have something for EVERYONE!

The Entertainment industry is vast and offers so much potential for anyone interested. We are creating an environment with authentic leadership whose instruction is coming from real experience. Sign up now with your preference on what you’d like to learn and one of our representatives will contact you shortly with details on your chosen learning track including class times, availability, and more.