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Angry Orchard partners with BNW CEO, Artist, and Entrepreneur, Shyan Selah for Facebook Live.

Angry Orchard, the nation’s fastest growing hard cider beverage company, has partnered with the multi-talented music artist, social influencer and entrepreneur, Shyan Selah.

For many years, Shyan Selah has been on the pioneering end of producing meaningful content and collaborating with brands in culturally innovative and socially dynamic ways. His current work, The Cafe Noir Project, has served as the catalyst in his emergence in communities around the world.

“I just wanted the music to feel organic and true again,” Shyan says regarding what inspired him to create a project like Cafe Noir. “I wanted that original authentic vibe that only happens when you first hear a beat or melody that moves you. I launched The Cafe Noir Project in the Central District of Seattle at the 23rd and Jackson Street Starbucks several years ago. It was just a passion concept. I wanted to do something musically that was soulfully rooted in community but still felt like being in Grandma’s basement. That’s how I learned about music culture and literature – Grandma’s house. That’s how many of us artists first connect to music, playing our grandparents’ or parents’ record collections in the house. I wanted that feeling of being back in the basement listening to the greats and I wanted to share what that meant to me and so many others.”

This new partnership with Angry Orchard marks the first time Shyan will taking his music Live on Facebook.

“I was very reluctant to even consider social media,” he says. “But a very good friend of mine and trusted music industry executive Jon Stockton (former Senior Vice President of Bad Boy Records) told me flat-out it was a must. He could see what it was going to become and he had a hunch that with the way my mind worked if I gave it a try I’d see what he was seeing. He said ‘for what you do with blending your music with your message Facebook is perfect for you’ and that I needed to get in now! This was back in 2009. He wouldn’t let it go until I did. But once I got on it I was like, ok, I get it. This is a platform where I can communicate my message at will. So I’ve used it just for that. I’m deliberate about uplifting, inspiring, and moving people and it allows me great flexibility to do that.”

When Facebook Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the advent of Facebook Live in 2016 Shyan, who’s been active in entrepreneurial endeavors involving digital tech and media saw the writing on the wall.

“This is what it’s all about if you’re an Artist, Influencer, or Entrepreneur,” Shyan says. Technology is developing in such a way that it’s creating access points on your behalf to enhance your ability to connect.”

In June of 2017 Shyan Selah’s music and message was brought to the attention of the marketing department at Angry Orchard Hard Cider. The beverage company took an immediate liking to Shyan’s musical style and message and made steps to connect with him via BYG Music, a unique company that connects major brands to emerging Artists and Influencers.

“BYGMusic is proud to partner with Angry Orchard and sponsor Shyan,” says Stephanie Sills-Zavala, Co-Founder of BYG Music.

“I’m very excited about this venture with Angry Orchard, BYG, and Facebook,” says Shyan. “It’s what makes being an Artist and Entrepreneur so exciting these days. My partners at BYG made a great move in pairing us. The folks at Angry Orchard know that as an Artist, it’s about me giving people a good time. It’s important that brands understand the connection between the artist and the audience, especially with the kind of music and vibe Cafe Noir represents. For all the work I do in the community for our youth, I feel it’s just as important, and I equally love, being able to give the adults a good time as well. It’s all about the magic music makes you feel no matter your age and that’s why I became an artist in the first place: to always have an opportunity to express and make people feel good.”

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